The Agenda

Across the 3-day event, there are many opportunities for networking with similar minded professionals, which allows users to discuss their industries, solutions, applications, and more, in order to better streamline business processes and strategize new solutions to old problems.

In additional, there are nearly a dozen user led sessions where clients present a business case or issue, and how they leveraged EiS or SplashBI features and functions to help them overcome the issue. Users also share tips and tricks, new strategies, learn about upgrades and new enhancements, and get one-on-one time with our team of experts. We will also lay out product roadmaps, so you know where your tools are heading in the future. View the current agenda now!

Name: Sherry Townsend
Organization Name: LG&E/KU
Co-Presenter Name: Janiene Boatman
Session Topic: EiS XL Connect

Using XL Connect with EIS to Streamline Monthly, Quarterly, and Other Reporting.

Session Abstract: LKE Supply Chain has been able to implement the usage of XL Connect to streamline monthly and quarterly reporting. Reporting time has decreased dramatically by introducing the use of XL Connect. XL Connect also created a way to get a calculated field that was not working within the Express Reporting tool due to zero values to work on the report when running it via XL Connect and adding the calculated field to update as the data is updated. We can highlight improved efficiency and reporting.

Name: Allison Harn
Organization Name: Nanosys
Session Topic: SplashBI Reports

Game Changing Successes with SplashBI at a Small Chemical Manufacturing Company.

Session Abstract: In this session hear how Nanosys, a small chemical manufacturing company, used SpashBI to streamline and improve manufacturing performance, reduce cycle times, simplify procedures, increased product quality, and provided better insight to inventories and expenses. Learn how SplashBI Excel Connect sold employees on using the product and drew our company into a new era of data management. Topics include reporting tool selection and implementation processes, and tips for a successful launch.

Name: Claire Reeve
Organization Name: Norfolk County Council
Session Topic: EiS eXpress

EiS eXpress reporting and SplashBI in a Changing U.K local Government context

Session Abstract: How changing requirements in local government have meant that the provision of reports is evolving from transactional to data analytics and how this has led to the decision to implement SplashBI. This will cover:
- The usage of EiS eXpress reporting at Norfolk County Council and the background and benefits of using this product across seven modules in EBS from producing statutory returns to analytical reports.
- The changing landscape of local government demographics and subsequent data analysis requirements.
- How this fits in with the Norfolk County Council roadmap and the interrogation of multiple data sources whilst at the same time relying on system specific reporting.
- Why we have made the decision to implement SplashBI.

Name: Rob Huggins
Organization Name: Cooperative Energy
Session Topic: SplashBI Dashboards

Dashboards - We are visual beings.

Session Abstract: The old saying of "A picture is worth a thousand words" is very true.  Use SplashBI dashboards to get your message out.  I will cover:
- Requirement gathering
- Value of Prototypes
- How Cooperative Energy is using dashboards

Name: Stephen French
Organization Name: EnerVest, Ltd.
Co-Presenter Name: Veer Surapaneni
Session Topic: SplashBI Reports

SplashBI in the Oil & Gas Industry - Reporting from Multiple Data Sources.

Session Abstract: As one of the largest Oil & Gas Operators in the United States, EnerVest has complex Reporting requirements that are needed by Corporate Accountants, Engineers, Drillers, Revenue and JIB Accountants, Landmen and Land Administrators, and people at the Field Offices.

We will walk thorough some examples of the Reports and how SplashBI is helping us manage our Reporting needs.

Name: Tom Hamilton-Williams
Organization Name: University of Oxford
Co-Presenter Name: Susan Gillis
Session Topic: EiS XL Connect& GL Connect

Time Savings with XL and GL Connect.

Session Abstract: This presentation will demonstrate examples of the time savings from the use of XLC and GLC.
Despite the technology behind XLC and GLC, the real benefit is easier and quicker data extraction, hence potential and existing users should be aware of how XLC and GLC can save time.
Examples from Central Finance and Departmental users, including user stories, will form the basis of the presentation.

Name: Rob Huggins
Organization Name: Cooperative Energy
Session Topic: Best Practices

Use Report Scheduling and Distribution to Make Your Life Easier.

Session Abstract: Session Abstract: In this session, we will discuss how Cooperative Energy uses the Scheduling and Distribution features to enhance our user experience.  We will cover:
- Examples of reports
- Overview of scheduling process
- Overview of distribution process
- Recommendations based on our experience

Name: Youssef Antar
Organization Name: Prince George County Public Schools
Session Topic: EiS to SplashBI

Why PGCPS moved from eXpress to SplashBI.

Session Abstract: With multiple disparate systems, PGCPS needed a holistic tool to give us access to our data across sources. We had EiS eXpress for our EBS data, but needed something that could do more, which is why we decided to move to SplashBI. This session will be an overview of that decision to move and our experience overall.

Name: Sumit Dahiya
Organization Name: SplashBI
Session Topic: SplashBI

Multi-Tenant Reporting for YOUR Customers, Suppliers, and Vendors.

Session Abstract: Providing your customers, suppliers, and vendors with access to their applicable information can be critical to keeping your (and their) business operating smoothly. Do you have a way to provide them with critical information when THEY need it?

Learn more about creating custom portals for your tenants:

  • How to spin up new portals

  • Securing the data

  • Implementing successfully

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