DataSplash 18: SplashBI and EiS Technologies Annual User Conference

February 19-21, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia

This 3-day educational conference builds on our continual promise to help our clients be the masters of their data. DataSplash is the coming together of people across departments, companies, and industries, both business and IT, to better learn about the reporting and BI solutions they utilize in their organizations. Meet others in similar roles to yours, or maybe in totally different roles with similar data stories, and learn how many have used EiS and SplashBI solutions to make their reporting better, faster, and more intelligent.

Across the 3-day event, there are many opportunities for networking with similar minded professionals, which allows users to discuss their industries, solutions, applications, and more, in order to better streamline business processes and strategize new solutions to old problems. In additional, there are nearly a dozen user led sessions where clients present a business case or issue, and how they leveraged EiS or SplashBI features and functions to help them overcome the issue. Users also share tips and tricks, new strategies, learn about upgrades and new enhancements, and get one-on-one time with our team of experts.

If that wasn’t enough to entice a budget increase for your team to attend this conference, the third day is dedicated to in-depth training across our suite of products and solutions, including across roles (user, admin, developer), solutions (building better dashboards, using Excel Connect more effectively, etc.), and where the future of data is headed. Users can select from up to 12 training session across these topics, plus for attendees, have access to sessions remotely after the event.

Our goal is by the end of the conference, everyone leaves with new ideas to better their processes, ways to increase efficiencies for their teams, and a renewed excitement for the suite of products they utilize!

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